Gazpacho     3.80€
German potatoes salad     3.75€
A variation of cold homemade sausages with brown bread      ½ 5.25   10.50€
Varied Cheese Board with Turkish dried figs     ½ 4.75€   9.50€
Spring Salad with shrimps and fruits in a Sesame crisp bread basket     13.25€
“Palatschinken” Crepes filled with Ragout of smoked salmon and fresh in sauce
of herbs     13.75€
Salmon burger on toasted bread, a garden salad and cold mustard sauce     9.90€
Smoked salmon hot smoke over mixed salad with pineapple and passion fruit vinaigrette and dill sauce     16.85€
Curry sausage with German potatoes salad     10.60€
Schnitzel in barbecue sauce with fried onions and German potatoes salad     13.75€
Schnitzel “Swiss” with sauteed potatoes     12.50€
A variation of sausages for 2 Persons     21.20€

 Our vegetarian dishes 

Kartoffelpuffer Potato crêpe with applesauce     5.25€
Spinach strudel with herb sauce served with potatoes     11.50€
Sauteed vegetables in ginger and curcuma with basmati rice     12.50€ 

Recommended Desserts

Mango sorbet with cava     5.35€
Fig sorbet with cava     5.35€
Vanilla ice cream with egg liquor, banana and cream     5.90€  


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