Sausage salad in a basket of crusty bread with fried potatoes 9.50€

German potatoes salad 3.75€

A variation of cold homemade sausages with brown bread ½ 5.25   10.50€

Curry sausage with German potatoes salad 10.60€

German Liver loaf Leberkäs and sausage with fried potatoes 10.60€

Schnitzel in barbecue sauce with fried onions and German potatoes salad 13.75€

Schnitzel “Swiss” with sauteed potatoes 12.50€

Pork knuckle with sauerkraut and sauteed potatoes 12.80€

A variation of sausages for 2 Persons 21.20€


Pumpkin cream 3.80€

Varied Cheese Board with Turkish dried figs ½ 4.75€   9.50€

Kartoffelpuffer Potato crêpe with applesauce 5.25€

Spinach strudel with herb sauce served with potatoes 11.50€

Onion quiche 7.15€


 Mango sorbet with cava 5.35€

Vanilla ice cream with egg liquor, banana and cream 5.90€  

Cheese cake with cream 4.50€



and come and enjoy  October Festival !!!

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